‘As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.’ Inspired by Angels!
Heart-centred work for soul growth and graceful living. 

‘Pearls were formed by the passage
of Angels through the clouds of Heaven’

As symbols of ‘rebirth and new beginnings’ pearls have been associated with personal growth and spiritually transformative qualities.  For example, pearls have been worn for inner strength and grace; to combat low self-esteem or lack of confidence and to nurture tolerance and compassion.

Ignite the gentle joy of Spiritual Mindfulness©

Angel guidance helps us to open the doors of our hearts and look at life through a ‘Lens of Love‘. Mindfulness is a practice to promote wellbeing.  It means holding awareness of the present moment, being in the strengthening energy of ‘now’.  “Angels are beings of love, compassion, mercy and grace”.  Their presence elevates Mindfulness to a higher vibration that creates bridges of healing.


Accepting there is a high power than ourselves and that we are all part of the rich diversity of life, my Heaven’s Way work is inclusive, it’s non-religious, non-judgemental but high-vibe inspirational and supportive.

Soul intention: wear your pearls with pride

Nourish your soul and you nourish your life! Shine bright: I’d love to help you follow your heart, link to your joy, and reconnect to your inner beauty with my Angel intuitive card readings, motivational workshops and soul-goal coaching.  Life is full of possibility. The world is your oyster! Contact me.

Unfold into the wonderful with a little help from Heaven!     

Redirect your intentions Heaven’s Way®

With Louise Exeter 

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