Graceful Soul 121

“Pearls were formed by the passage of Angels through the clouds of Heaven”

As with this spiritually poetic myth about the creation of pearls, I believe Angels form a dynamic and loving link between the realms of Heaven and Earth therefore connecting not only the mythical pearl’s natural purity and beauty to Divinity but also our own. As symbols of ‘rebirth and new beginnings’ pearls have been associated with personal growth and spiritually transformative qualities. For example, pearls have been worn to combat low self- esteem or lack of confidence, to nurture tolerance and compassion and for inner strength and grace – empowering, personal qualities I’d like to help you re-connect
with. Tailored to your needs, Graceful Soul sessions can include a mix of the following:

  • Angel Card Reading
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation
  • Discussion

Please note this is wellbeing soul intention work; not a substitute for mainstream counselling or seeing a specialist for psychological or personal health issues.

Life is full of possibility – the world your oyster. I’d love to help you follow your heart, link to your joy, connect to your inner beauty and wear your ‘pearls’ with pride! For further details or an appointment please Contact me.

Unfold into the wonderful with a little help from Heaven.
Redirect your intentions Heaven’s Way®
With Louise Exeter

References: Pearl Associations: Soul and Spirit magazine, September 2014.

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