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‘Conversations with Angels’ Mini Workshops
“We are here for you and you are here for us!
That’s how we like it to be”

Bring Friendship of the Angels into your every-day life with my personal card readings and Conversations with Angels workshops.

“We will help you struggle less, achieve more”

Inspiration. Guidance. Empowerment.  The cards are a spiritual tool, a Divine resource and a first step in becoming acquainted with Angel insights, guidance and building a life-long, loving relationship with the Angelic realm that helps you flourish and shine.  Angels are our spiritual navigators they’re like a ‘Divine Compass’ steering us to look at past and present issues from compassionate and positively healing perspectives and for empowering our soul’s unfolding journey to happiness.   Make choices that your future self will be thankful for! Card readings can help you find your own voice in your own life story; get better aligned with your sense of purpose, find clarity on current issues and support assessing where you’ve come from and how best to move forward?

“How to take positive and loving control of where you are going”

Angels help us to help ourselves!
Good Together! Angels are with us every step of the way.

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Price: Full session with meditation (1.5hrs):  £55.00 – readings are conducted over Zoom. You can also find me as an Advanced Angel Card Master listed on Kyle Gray’s website. Here’s the link.

Just email or call to book a reading.

The Guardian Angel Oracle by Chrissie Astell, Watkins Publishing).


“I met with Louise at a point of great stress at a real crossroads in my life.
I was so impressed by her reading… I left feeling revived, calmer, and incredibly positive. I got so much out of this session, Louise helped me make practical steps to improve my situation and offered huge encouragement and assurance. I would recommend anyone to try this”. 

“I decided to have an Angel Reading when I was going through a difficult time in my life and needed a different perspective. . . Louise expertly and empathetically guided me through the session which made me think about my life and what is important to me.  I would recommend an Angel Reading to anyone who may feel a bit stuck and would like to challenge themselves to think outside the box.  You are in good hands with Louise!” Anna

References: Quotations: Guardian Angel guided messages. First quote: ‘Messages from Margaret’ by Gerry Gavin.
Angel Card Copyright: The Guardian Angel Oracle by Chrissie Astell, Watkins Publishing.
I am registered as a Certified Practitioner and Card Reader on Kyle Gray’s official website:

Let Divine Wisdom Guide you and Love redefine you.
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