Angels, Flowers & Rhinestones!

High Vibes!

“As you speak positive words and shine your light brightly . . . God’s angels are working with you”

Share the Love!  The ingredients: universal energy and good vibes blended with a little Heavenly wisdom and Earthly practicality defined this ‘Get to know your Angels’ Hay House training weekend, hosted by Doreen Virtue and her team of colleagues.  Attended by people from all over the globe and from all walks of life – a dynamic melting pot of experience awaited us.

More than lucky! Unbeknown to me when I booked, Doreen had decided to hang up her long-distance travelling hat; this was her last teaching visit to England.  I was fortunate, therefore, to capture this occasion and be on the receiving end of her renowned experience.

Love lift us up where we belong:  I love the unconventionality of Doreen Virtue: Inspired by Heaven and her own remarkable metaphysical experience with the Angelic realm, she has become a mentor-motivator, albeit in somewhat non-conformist ways.

Learning with wings on!:  Doreen’s masterful teaching moved us through multiple layers of opinions and beliefs as we explored a plethora of life stories.  A tangible current of caring emerged as participants generously shared accounts of their personal experiences: these were a mix of poignant, painful or joyful circumstances.  They brought tears of release, sympathy, humour and laughter and became insightful examples for the rest of us to actively work with.

We all have different gifts: As messengers from God, Angels represent Divine Thought in action.  Doreen’s work does not shun the public gaze but assuredly publicises the benefits of personal healing via these channels of wisdom and Divine Love – thereby encouraging us to step out of the box and take a safe risk with Heaven.

* * *

A Bouquet of Wellbeing

Robert Reeves is an accredited naturopath with special interest in mental and emotional health. To me, his presentation reflected the synergistic properties of Heaven and Earth: the importance of balancing the spiritual with the physical and environmental for greater wellbeing.

Flower Power! Robert brought our attention to the splendour of plants and in particular the effortless beauty of flowers whose colour and diversity enrich our environment:  echoing this, he’d brought along his delightful ‘Flower Therapy*’ cards to demonstrate with.

Floral Wisdom:

The Daisy:

This was the message on the card I drew from Robert’s pack:

Simplify Your Life! 

You’ve had so much going on that you’re spread too thin.  This has to change now so your vitality can recharge.

Yes. Absolutely!

This advice must ring true for most of us, most of the time!  There’s a saying that ‘if the cap fits, wear it’.  Well, in this case, a daisy chain fits!

Roses and Tulips :

Other flower cards in the deck that reinforce this advice are:   

The Tulip:  Take Time for Yourself plus the Yellow Rose: Balance Work Rest and Play.

A good idea: Aside from the luxury of having time to sit on the grass with a glass of something nice making daisy chains, buying a beautiful bouquet of

yellow roses, or a vibrant bunch of tulips, offers  a visual treat but also active floral encouragement to relax, rebalance and restore!

It’s that butterfly feeling! Thinking of yellow roses … yellow is the colour associated with the ‘Solar Plexus’ a sensitive energy centre in the diaphragm.  It’s a responsive location where we can easily experience excited and nervous ‘flutterings’ –  that ‘I’ve got butterflies in my stomach’ type of feeling!  This is, of course, the body’s way of communicating with us; linking our thoughts and feelings together, guiding us to remedial action.

Some of the stories Robert recounted positively demonstrated holistic benefits for mind, body, soul – achievable through making time to connect with both God and the natural world – to find that still small voice of inner calm that resides within us.  Like the flowers he works with, Robert’s energy was beautiful.

* * *

Daring to be different!

Laughter – the best medicine:  I once met a woman who ran ‘Laughter Workshops’ in Greece.  What an amazing way to earn a living!  Meeting Radleigh Valentine, whose entertaining presentation was pervasive with laughter, reminded me of this previous encounter.  His nurturing humour activated audience connection; gradually drawing us to examine examples from the more serious sides of life.

Laughter is infectious uplifting, healing – a great antidote to the energy sappers of stress, worry, grief.  My own experience has taught me that kind humour and a laugh together offers an alternative way out of a potential argument, a feisty toddler tantrum or teenager confrontation!

Dare to be different! There’s no getting away from it, Radleigh Valentine is flamboyant and fun. His silky waistcoats and rhinestone trainers paid homage to his sparkly personality and presentation.

As an introduction, Radleigh told us how, after months of personal debate, he eventually tuned-in to his more feminine side.  He swapped what he felt to be the aggressive corporate and business-driven world of politics and accountancy for the softer, facilitating, role of Angel-inspired counselling work.  Impressively, Radleigh had the courage to let go and receive; to turn his leap of faith into a reality by daring to be different.  As one of Radleigh’s and Doreen’s Archangel cards states:

There’s a better way!  Pause for reflection and insight.  Dare to be different!

This is what I feel I have to do now:  pluck up courage, ‘Come Out’ of my ‘Spiritual Closet’ – move in to ‘Light Work’ with Angels – after all they have been around doing God’s work for a very long time!

With a surname like ‘Valentine’ it is no surprise that Radleigh finds himself counselling a lot of people concerning relationship blocks.

To quote Marianne Williamson, from her book ‘A Return to Love’

“Part of working on ourselves, in order to be ready for a profound relationship, is learning how to support another person in being the best they can be”.

* * *

Where do we go from here? … Why, to

Jo Cocker’s Lyrics of course!

“Who knows what tomorrow brings…

The road is long, there are mountains in our way but we climb a step every day.  Some hang on to ‘used to be’, live their lives, looking behind. All we have is here and now. All our life, out there to find”

Copyright Louise Exeter 2015


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Event: Hay House Angel Intuitive Training September 2014
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Some thoughts inspired by Louise L Hay.

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