Butterfly Moments

Signs and Reminders.

A while back I watched a marvellous butterfly travel-log in which thousands left their birth-land to embark on an incredible feat of migration; stopping off en mass for respite in beautiful Hawaii. There was wave upon wave of them flying, fluttering and cascading about in huge, vibrant swirls; eventually settling like giant clusters of grapes to hang out together in the trees for mutually re-energizing warmth. Their vibrant orange wing colours combined to blanket the trees creating a collective of conical formations, reminiscent of rich Autumnal colours and of leaves preparing to leave the trees.

What a lovely combination
What a lovely idea

Autumn, in all its glory, is a transitional seasonal metaphor for the benefits of letting go in preparation for something else. Butterflies are, of course, so symbolic of the personal fulfilment that can take effect if we but follow the example of falling leaves to shed the concepts of our old selves. Just think – if you release what no longer serves your purpose you make way to metamorphose your thoughts, emotions, relationships and potential into something even more beautiful.

If change seems too daunting at present, take heart by looking to the rhythms of Mother Nature as teacher and calling in the guidance of Angels, Guardians and Guides to inspire. In this way – like the amazing butterflies in the travel-log – by hanging out together we learn to become the catalysts for our own transformations.

Make something wonderful. Trust that there is a loving source just waiting to be asked to help you.

Angels are like a high-voltage GPS system from Source to lovingly illuminate our journeys, hearts and minds with enriching perceptions. They are shining lights for our personal understandings and discoveries if we actively invite them into our lives. Working with such Divine beings helps us release old preconceptions with greater ease and invite new ones in. As we look through the windows of our minds with their support we start to follow our hearts, spark joy in our lives and provide for miracles in the process.
Become the change you want to be.

Angels not only help us cope with change or better still, optimistically embrace change; they help us make something wonderful as we organically grow through an internal process of transformation with their love. Over time, this becomes an enduring relationship and an on-going journey of mutual friendship for the highest good.

True love ways

Angels want to help us:

  • step over the threshold of self-doubt into self-belief
  • navigate through choice with greater clarity
  • let go with compassion and forgiveness
  • transform from past and present challenges into empowerment
  • be the best we can be

“Whatever you’re about to do today can be transformed . . . if your heart is open and you’re willing to be the Great Creator’s conduit”

Maybe now is the time to reflect and ask yourself:

  • What do I want to let go of?
  • What do I want to become?
  • How can I be the catalyst for positive change?
  • What colour are my butterfly wings?
Feel inspired

Perhaps next time you are out for an Autumnal walk stop and connect with the leaves – feel as if you are a beautiful falling leaf – ready to just fall and float and swirl like the butterflies or alternatively pick a grounded leaf and thank it for its beauty and message. The fallen leaves re-nourish the earth, the trees consolidate their energy during the winter in order to re-emerge resplendent in all their fresh Spring glory. Unlike the trees, we have the potential to do this any time when we align with the harmonies of both Heaven and Earth.

Building connection:

Remember that change is Divinely supported when you open your heart to giving and receiving Love. Today I invite you to be willing to be adventurous – to believe that a companion Spirit is leading you and that together you can co-create the best next step. When we trust, we step into our own transformative power of authenticity – we emerge. I call these ‘Butterfly Moments’. Heaven smiles with us at such times.

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Louise Exeter
Building closer relationships with the Angels

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Quotation:  Sarah Ban Breathnach ‘Simple Abundance. A Day book of Comfort and Joy’