Communication Is A Beautiful Thing

Where can your heart lead you? Where does your mind take you? How far do they travel – together or separately? One leads emotions, the other logic. Which one do you follow the most?

“Let your heart trail blaze for your mind” [Archangel Chamuel]

When head and heart both agree it’s a beautiful thing. It means that love, kindness, compassion are trail-blazing the logic of your thoughts – your heart and mind are working in perfect harmony. This coming together is called ‘Coherence’.

There’s a saying that ‘two heads are better than one’; well, two hearts are also better than one.  The fabulous thing is, when you synchronize the thoughts of your heart with another’s you are doubling the Love – think of that potential.

Working with Angels is working with your heart too – that is ‘Alignment’ – that is sacred Coherence.

Our heart has great capacity – but an Angel’s has even greater, there are no limits. In this light-filled, love-filled way, each heart beat becomes a high vibration transmitter between the two of you. But it needn’t stop there! Each heart beat can become your personal ‘Morse Code’ to the world.

With Love From Me to You – Put It Out There

Angels have wings; we have prayers. Angels are messengers; so are we – via the world wide web we can send a message anywhere; well so can Angels – they have the UNIVERSE at their disposal. We can ask them to send and deliver our messages world wide, Special Delivery.

Cosmic messengers – Without Limits

Stars and angels are both cosmic messengers from the heart of the Universe travelling on wavelengths of brilliance. Think of them like a SuperNova – an incredible Light energy transmitter from Source to deliver.

A little love can go a long way.

“We all feed into this energetic field even with diff time zones”  Neighbour, neighbourhood, district, town or country; loved ones or strangers, near or far. Exciting scientific research* endorses how heart-to-heart synchronization between people located miles apart and not in phone or online contact can occur.

This is what the ancients knew – that invisible bonds of communication can carry strengthening, loving, healing, thoughts abroad; that Love can travel to reach another, through the miles of our hopes and wishes for the greater good.

At Your Service

This is a wonderful thing that science is now verifying. This is synchronization for service between Heaven and Earth; between an Angel’s heart and yours. Isn’t it good to know that ‘we can energetically support and lift each other’s vibration and the planetary vibration at the same time’. Let’s do this as often as we can because Communication is a beautiful thing.

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Louise Exeter

Copyright February 2021

Quote and Reference:
Interview with Deborah Rozman & HeartMath Institute Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., HeartMath Newsletter #36.