Friendship of the Angels: Guardian Angels

‘I believe in Angels, something good in everything I see’.

‘I am your guardian angel for sharing the life of love with minds and hearts of all’ (GA) In this blog I’d like to share what I’ve personally discovered about Guardian Angels:-

‘When you’re standing at the cross-roads, don’t know which path to choose, let me come along; even if you’re wrong, I’ll stand by you . . . ‘I’ll never desert you, I’ll stand by you’

Wherever I am Love is!  Like all angels, Guardian Angels bring gifts of limitless love and light.  As steadfast minders of our heart centre, their love doesn’t judge but gently guides for positive empowerment – they’re not into ‘shoulds’ or ‘woulds’!

From love: Heaven sent, Guardian Angels are messengers from Divine Source – our Creator, God, Universal, Unconditional Love.

‘Lines of light are all through the world (GA)  Everyone and everything is special to God/the Creator – know you are worth loving! Our Guardian Angels are an invisible but palpable part of Universal Love – a network of light reaching out to every single person, creature and place in the world-planet.

Friends for life: Guardian Angels are a constant, dependable, presence; our soul’s life-long companions.

With love: When we see the world in black and white or numerous shades of grey, our Guardian Angels offer us their light of support – hoping we’ll see their signs and hear their gentle whispers for better wellbeing choices.  When we see the world in glorious colour they share our joy too.

For love: Always beside us through thick and thin, Guardian Angels prefer us to be in emotional places of comfort and joy rather than anger, resentment, misunderstanding.

The lighter side of life: Our Guardian Angels know that if we move into a ‘state of ‘allowing’ for compassion, forgiveness, peace, we’ll more quickly relate to healing, happiness and contentment.

Make space for miracles: love the home of your heart!

‘Love helps to heal fragile hearts and mend relationships; love disengages from judgment and nurtures forgiveness’ Love lifts us up where we belong! Guardian Angels represent a Divine love-life line for the home of your heart so you can make it an amazing place to be.

Getting to know your Guardian Angel

Praying is talking to God, meditation is listening to God.

To consciously connect to Guardian Angels, we need to make time and space in our hearts and minds, to focus, be still, breathe, meditate and invite their energy in. ‘Your intuition will be heightened. You will find a wisdom not your own.  You will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle you’

Call to action!

Starting the conversation  Take a moment to close your eyes, gently breathe and bring your awareness to the sounds in the background of your silence – a bird singing, a dog barking, a passing car, the hum of a plane.  Eventually as you focus more on your breath, these life affirming noises will melt into the quiet space of your meditation where , with practice, you’ll hear a ‘still small voice of calm’ within.   This could be your higher self, your intuition or your Guardian Angel whispering Divine Wisdom into the thoughts of your heart.

A personal message from a Guardian Angel

The following is a beautiful extract from Kyle Grey’s book ‘Wings of Forgiveness’.

“You may not recognize me and you may not know who I am.  Let me help you remember.  I’ve been with you since the beginning.  Before you entered time and space, I knew who you were . . . I was there at your birth.  I have travelled with you since your first steps and I will be with you when you take your last breath . . . When I look at you, I see a being bursting with light.  I see you filled with unlimited potential.  I look at you and wonder why you get so upset, stressed, frustrated and mad.  I look at you and hope that one day you will see I am here to serve you gladly and I wait for you to call.  I have seen you through your challenges, I have seen you rise and fall.  I have never forgotten you and I hope you will remember me, because I’m standing right here with you now.  We were together once and we danced among the stars.  I am here now to tell you something that I really want you to know . . . I am telling you the truth and I am your Guardian Angel.  You are forgiven     . . . You are love.  Love holds no boundaries.  You are unbound, whole, complete and healed.  Love is who you are.  I love you”.

Louise Exeter December 2017

© Spiritual Mindfulness Heaven’s Way.

Musical quotes : Abba, ‘I Had a Dream’. The Pretenders, ‘I’ll stand by you’. Meditation quote: From Julia Cameron’s Life Lessons No. 22

Guardian Angel quotes: From my own Guardian Angel meditations

Guardian Angel Book extract: Kyle Grey Wings of Forgiveness