The Gift of Time

“With some of the best things in life, you can’t control the timing.” [1]

Heaven lovingly knows what we need can be more rewarding, compared to what we want at any one time.  It’s a familiar teaching but have you, at a deeply personal level, experienced or discovered this yet? Does this resonate for you?

One fine day ‘Divine Timing’ caught my attention and turned my consciousness around at just the right serendipitous moment:  my Guardian Angel had whispered in my ear “You have the gift of time”.

Suddenly, it was like sunlight shining through a dense dark forest, I could see clearly, I fell into a better space – out of anxiety into appreciation.

This engaging concept energised my perceptions, it lifted and shifted my emotions too: instead of stressing through my human, ‘real time’ laden with conditions I was now able to accept the passing of time as a blessing/a benefit, rather than an obstacle.  My Guardian Angel’s practical re-interpretation reassured me it was okay to accept rather than wrestle with this precious commodity. Like a healing balm, I realised my situation could now be held and nurtured by ‘the gift of time’.

“Give me a little more time and our love will surely grow.” [2]

Time is a mercurial, transient thing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by its passing –  we can feel squeezed or stretched by it – there’s never enough, it travels too fast or too slow for our liking. Sometimes it even seems to stand still – but remember, it’s always the right time and place to call upon one of God’s messengers for help, support and guidance, especially your Guardian Angel – their love endures.

Divine love does not give up on us either; it is hopeful and durable. Angels, Guardians and Guides see the bigger picture; they love us unconditionally and want the best for us. So often the Heavenly realm is working magic on our behalf behind the scenes, even though we might not be aware of it. They know when our dreams need more nurturing through the gifts of time and patience. I think we must sometimes seem like an impatient young bird wanting to leave the nest before its ready –  it can only do so once its wings are fully fledged.

With Heaven’s wisdom and insights to back us we don’t always have to be in a hurry –

Just knowing that we can be in the power of our present and still dream of the future can boost our sense of confidence, resilience and direction. Through patience our challenges can be wrapped in kindness instead of worry, our perceptions soften. Reassuringly, in this way obstacles morph into surmountable detours as our increasing empowerment and wings have time to grow.

Dreams don’t materialise overnight. They usually need planning and prep in order to unfold. This can be a wonderful creative process however there are times when we can feel stuck in frustration and forget about appreciation!  That’s when it’s best to let go of control, take time in your stride and surrender achievement to a higher power. In this way you get back on the path to joy: your dreams can come true quicker than you imagined.


Dear Angels, thank you for loving me through all time.  Thank you for supporting my sensitivity, guiding my understanding in the present and inspiring my dreams for the future. With the light of your wisdom I feel empowered for the highest good,

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Louise Exeter

Copyright May 2023


  1. Marie Forleo, marketing specialist.
  2. Give me Just a Little More Time : song Chairman of the Board
  3. Card: Archangel Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue, Hay House, Artist: Anne Yvonne Gilbert