Go Green for Abundance

A prompt from Archangel Raphael leads to fresh abundance!
I was feeling a little tired and tense so, for distraction, turned to Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards.  Comfortingly, I drew Archangel Raphael: his name means “God Heals”.Breathe out stress.  Breathe in abundance!  The guidance was to Breathe” Slow, regulated, deep breathing is good energy body-work brilliant for reducing stress, releasing tension, inducing inner calm.  I, therefore, decided to put his recommendation into practice immediately plus, at the same time, watch an’ Attracting Abundance’ video by the lovely Robert Reeves! This provided a great start to the day, though, due to time pressures, my viewing was brief.  I stopped where Robert ceremoniously and with intention significantly lit a green candle – the mindset was to clear away and dissolve any blockages to receiving abundance.

No Limits I enjoyed Robert’s purposeful and gentle prayer in which he acknowledged the limitlessness of God’s love; he asked that we respect the candle’s flame as a symbol to help us focus our attention on all forms of abundance.

Go green! Coincidentally, green is the colour associated with Arch Angel Raphael e.g. for meditative healing.  It is, of course, the colour for the ‘heart chakra’ too (the emotional centre for love and compassion).  Colour therapy references green with the qualities of detoxification, cleansing and balance; also for inviting calm and restoring stability. I know green is good for the planet and good for the diet but now I discover green is the colour for attracting ‘abundance’!

Norwegian Wool: Following my meditation I rushed out to an appointment, what joy! On the way I discovered a beautiful Norwegian jumper in a charity shop window It looked good as new and was at an irresistible price.  Synchronicity in action! Curiously, just two days before, I had returned from a holiday in Norway.  There, at the airport, I’d hankered after one of their, traditional style jumpers, similar to this beauty; regrettably the cost was prohibitively outrageous!  Double Joy:  later that evening when I arrived home, there was a voice-mail from a long-lost client wanting to book reflexology with me.

Heaven Sent: Now, I know that abundance is not purely financial or material, nor restricted to one beautiful helpful colour. Abundance, for sure relates relates to other precious holistic aspects of being. However,  I was thrilled with these ‘gifts’, they brought me joy.  It was indeed as Robert had advised: “allow abundance to come to us in unexpected ways” 

PS  I can recommend ‘New Colour Healing:  A practical guide to understanding the healing power of Colour by Lilian Verner-Bonds.
Robert Reeves an Australian Naturpath and spiritual teacher.

Copyright Louise Exeter Heaven’s Way©  26.05.16