I am here. You are there. We are together.

I’d love this article to inspire those who have a sense of separation that this isn’t really so, that their loved ones live on in Spirit, are not gone but with them still.  In this context, my hope is that between Heaven and Earth both my Father and I can serve together with a healing purpose, giving reassurance to those grieving.

“You realize now that I have not left you but am still with you” [1]

There’s a time and place for everything: separated when young, throughout the years, as I matured and grew up, I kept my Father in my thoughts. Although he wasn’t in my physical world, (he passed away when I was 11 years old) I hoped he would always be spiritually near me; especially during times of need.  My remarkable experience demonstrates that he was; that Love actively transcends time and distance, the visible and invisible, and finds a way through.

Here is my personal affirming story about this:-

An experience beyond my expectations

We are watched over and loved:  two efficient nurses were attending to my immediate needs as I lay in a post-operative recovery room at UCLH hospital following a significant operation in 2018. Feeling very cold, I was shaking and shivering deeply. Conscious of their remedial actions and my physical state I also became aware of an authoritative male voice guiding me to ‘focus on calm’, to steady myself by deepening my breathing.  At first I thought it was another member of staff but curiously, other than the two female nurses, no one else was to be seen. I also recall the energizing words: “Life is in this for you. Your Ancestors are rooting for you.”.  Marvellously supportive for me at the time.

As I heeded the advice to be “Calm” my shaking reduced, my awareness increased and it dawned on me that something extraordinary was taking place. Could this be my Father in spirit speaking to me? It was, after all, the perfect setting: he had been an eminent surgeon in his life time, dedicated to healing.

Sometimes, just sometimes an extra-ordinary event will happen that lets the gene of your heart out of the jar: it’s not financial, it’s not material it’s spiritual.  Before the operation I’d offered a prayer of hope that my Father’s expertise and energy would bless and support the procedure.  He must have performed my particular operation countless times and here he was, still healing in a way by looking out for his daughter.

Angel blessings

Heaven sends us signs and synchronicity: I’m an avid Angel card reader – my cards come with me wherever I go. On the day of my operation a deck was therefore with me.  Prepared, in the hospital waiting room, I shuffled and drew a single card from Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue. This was it.

It augured well for the procedure I thought but little could I know then that it announced another amazing outcome too.

“If I could make a day for you, I’d give you a morning golden and new. I would make it last for all time and fill your night full of moon shine.”                               

Music is part of our soul’s journey and the medium through which the Angels and Spirit can communicate with us.  As I was wheeled from the recovery room to my hospital bed, these were my Father’s touchingly beautiful closing words to me (from the song by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley).

More than words

The following day, as if knocking on the door of my attention, the same gorgeous words from the song repeatedly echoed in my mind – paving the way for my receiving further clear and affirming personal Father/daughter statements, ‘through God’s Love’.

This wonderfully reassuring experience stays vibrant still.  How my spirit soared. All of this was a miracle of time and place.  A daughter’s prayers, hopes and wishes had been answered. For a long time afterwards I was on planet joy.  I felt my soul had been touched by Love and hugged by Angels.  I think of my scar as a holistic souvenir of healing for my heart.  A place where the light entered. Thankfully, something inside of me had been healed physically by the splendid NHS staff but also an ancient emotional wound had been too.

Amusingly, my hospital discharge form had a small note at the bottom of the page saying ‘Uneventful Recovery’ I had to smile – from my perspective this couldn’t have been further from the truth!

“Here my words that I might teach you” [2]

Openness to believing helps receiving:  I discovered through this experience that joy can emerge through adversity and challenge. That miracles can and do happen and that our departed loved ones are closer than we think.  As a pioneering and highly regarded surgeon in his time, my Father was also busy on the international lecturing circuit teaching and training others.  Healing was his mission and this is why I think my Father would like me to share my comforting story with you now – I am here. You are there. We are together.

Spirit moves in mysterious and marvellous ways: to complete Heaven’s synchronicities, when I got home, resting in bed, I opened a Christmas Magazine.  As I did so, a fund-raising ‘Adopt a Puppy Guide Dog for the Blind’ leaflet fell out.  The puppy’s name was Spirit and the owner’s name (as is mine) was Louise!  God moves in mysterious ways for sure and I am so grateful for this.

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Louise Exeter
Building closer relationships with the Angels

This is dedicated to my Father, with all my love.

Heaven’s Way
Copyright December 2023


[1]  Book: Divine Healing of Mind and Body: Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne
[2]  Quote: The Sound of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel
Angel Card: ‘Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue. Hay House.