Let’s Go fly a kite! Synchronicity

Japanese Connections: As I woke on Sunday morning with the sun shining through the bedroom window the words of the 1967 hit “Kites” by Simon Dupree and the Big Band repeatedly ran through my mind.

I had heard this on the radio a few days back and was immediately captivated by the tender lyrics and musical cadences which transported me, somewhat poignantly, to Japan – I say poignantly because my Mother had a strong affinity with Japan and loved its genteel traditions and beautiful aesthetics.

If you go Down into the woods today

After breakfast we went for a walk through the local woods, carpeted with beautiful bluebells and white ground-hugging forest flowers.  It was therapeutic.  It was stunning.  We emerged at the edge of a field to be met, surprisingly, by a rambling house – the type one admires in country-home-style magazines.  The footpath led us past the well manicured garden belonging to this rustic home; compelling us to stop and admire its idiosyncratic creativity.

As our gaze followed the twists and turns of the planting we were greeted by a splendid life-size statue of a girl animatingly holding a string, flying a kite – this unexpected encounter immediately connecting me to the words of the song that had filled my head earlier.

“In letters of gold on a snow white kite I will write I love you and send it soaring high above you” 

Smiles from Heaven: When I got home I realized that today was my Mother’s birthday. (She died when I was 17). This synchronicity reminded me that love lives on.

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