Letting Go

Saying goodbye to a person you love can be the hardest of all.

On beautiful windswept days, the trees know just how to let go. They release their leaves with apparent ease.  As they fall, their colourful ballet reminds us of this benefit; inspiring us to release the unnecessary in our lives.

Letting go of what no longer serves or suits us personally becomes a kind of internal/external form of space-clearing. The process pushes us to more clearly think about how we want to live moving forward. Dancing among cascading leaves or throwing cares to the wind as a natural well-Being metaphor for the home of your heart is liberating – boosted when you enlist the help of Angels such as Archangel Michael to ‘cut, clear, delete’ the cords of past ties in the process.

‘Come to the edge he said.
We can’t. We’re afraid they responded. Come to the edge he said.
We can’t. We will fall they responded. Come to the edge he said.
And so they came and he pushed them and they flew’ [1]

Working with Angels will give you wings. Working with Archangel Michael will help you fly.

  • When we Trust in the Universe, we let go and Let God. Wonderful can happen.
  • When we step out of our own way, we make space for something new.
  • When we let go of resentment or anger, we make way for forgiveness.
  • Letting go with compassion makes way for healing.
  • Letting go with Love makes way for joy or inner peace in our hearts.

“Choosing to make positive changes for your future doesn’t necessarily have to mean letting go of parts from the past you still love” [2]

BUT what if you have to release something that does spark joy? There are times when we have to let go of who or what we love when we are not ready. Losing someone close can be the hardest of all.

When this happens we’re like the trees without their leaves, standing exposed and bare, branches highlighted against grey wintery skies.  At such times we may do as they do: we can hunker down to consolidate our raw emotions for recuperation, taking the opportunity through grief to reflect with thankfulness and compassion on past memories for repair and healing in the present.

The touching song Immortality’ by Celine Dion and the Bee Gees speaks to me deeply about dealing positively with loss through bereavement.  The words go: We don’t say goodbye . . . I make my journey through eternity . . . I keep the memory of you and me inside  . . .” Such is to be cherished.

Knowing that your loved ones are still with you in Spirit, in Love, through eternity makes it easier to hold the best from your times together. As you carry their love with you in your heart; thankfulness and compassion for shared memories builds a bridge of repair and healing in the present, carrying you through your emotional season of change into your future. Working with Archangel Michael and his team of Angels can bring confidence, comfort and support you as you do so.

“We are here for you and you are here for us. That is how we like it to be.” [3]

Remember you can call upon Archangels Raphael for healing your feelings, Gabriel for emotional strength and Michael for courage.  Archangel Azrael has accompanied your loved one as they journeyed ‘Home’ and is here for you to call upon now as you transition through consequent change. Archangel Chamuel brings you Soulmate comfort and connectedness on the wings of Love and your Guardian Angel is always by your side.

I think ‘Letting go’ is different from ‘Releasing’. Letting go is a personal choice, releasing is surrendering. Both are good to do. When I say the following mantra I am, in effect, ‘Letting go and Letting God’.

“I surrender to a power greater than me. I step back and let love lead the way.” [4]

Standing between Heaven and Earth as we do, we can look to the night sky, the moon and the stars to remind ourselves we are part of something very big, special and beautiful. Through Source – The Great Spirit of Love and Light – we are united.

“Ask your angels or those you love to help you move through the process quickly so that you can get back on the path to joy.” [5]

Working with Angels and Spirit, I’ve learnt that our loved ones in Heaven want us to be happy. They want us to let go of prolonged grief with their blessing. Angels help them transition to their Soul’s Heavenly home and us release whatever we have to with compassion to the situation and ourselves. Working with Archangel Michael and his team of Angels as we do so brings support, comfort and confidence in the knowledge that you are not apart, just living in different places.

“Offer prayers of gratitude for all you shared. your bond continues as you open your heart” [6]

For those of you feeling small, in anxiety overwhelm or swamped by circumstance. I am offering four,  free “Power Up The Home Of Your Heart Archangel Meditations” through my website.

Louise Exeter

Dedicated to Grandpa Michael James.

Copyright Heavens Way November 2021


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