Liquid Spirit!

“I allow the love of our Creator to flow over me but then allow it to flow out again for others like the sea”

Where currents of loving waters flow healing can take place. Angels not only come on the wings of love, they come on the waves of love to raise our vibration. Recently, I attended a lovely ‘Angels Abroad’ spiritual retreat on the beautiful island of Crete with Chrissie Astell and company.  Our first meditation focused on the ‘Angel of Water’.  For me, it made a particularly loving and fluid connection between the need for physical and emotional replenishment and the azure blue sea nearby, continually lapping it’s soothing, repetitive message of ‘let go and relax’, let go and relax.   Back home now, I thought it would be nice to meditate with the Angel of Water again: as an exercise to cleanse and refresh my thoughts and feelings after travelling and to guide my flow of gratitude and transition from one island’s chemistry to another’s.

Spiritual re-hydration: Water speaks to our senses in so many different ways and so do the Angels, especially if we allow our hearts and minds to receive their healing messages of Divine Love. Taking time out for a compassionate metaphysical drink, shower or swim with them can therefore be positively refreshing! In this way the tides of tranquillity and the currents of love become your own Spiritual Hydration. If you’d like to connect with the healing vibration of water energy in your own way, I offer some suggestions below E.g.:

  • visualise yourself under a crystal-clear waterfall being cleansed of negative thoughts about yourself or others
  • envisage swimming in the sea, confidently riding ’ the waves of life’ or
  • day-dreaming beside a still, reflective, lake to reduce any sense of tension
  • drinking pure water from the ‘holy well’ of spiritual vibrancy to holistically re-energise your body, thoughts and feelings
  • Pausing to admire rain-drops on a leaf or flower for calm appreciation of the precious small things in life that make a difference
  • Remember to go slow, enjoy and allow the perceived benefits to flow in, up, over, down, around your way.
  • Invite the Angel of Water to be your gentle, loving, soul-guide to assist you.

Liquid Spirit!  Whatever you decide, please add in a few drops of gratitude for this sustaining and invigorating commodity for all life and for the presence of your Angel.

Angel Synchronicity or what? When I got back to my hotel the chill-out music playing in the background was ‘Liquid Spirit’ by Gregory Porter hence the title of my blog –  I couldn’t resist!


“I allow the love of our Creator to flow over me but then allow it to flow out again for others like the sea”

Quote inspired by Celtic Reflections by Martin Wallace

Louise Exeter © Heaven’s Way September 2018

From Soul 2 Sole.

Let your soul breathe and your body relax. &