For the love of Horses

“Today a new sun rises for me: everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it” [1]

Most of us innately know how important it is to listen to the wisdom of our soul for if we deny this voice we are ‘ignoring the deepest part of ourselves’ [2].  But have you ever thought of listening to the wisdom of horses too?  These wonderful sensitive creatures also have a soul-voice and significant messages they want to share with us.

Horse whisperer, Rosalyn W. Berne, was sagely informed by the splendid horse Caretto that “We often need the help of others in order to grow and that all souls come into life with a purpose to learn and to attain wisdom[3].  Horses work hard on our behalf.  Sometimes in life people have been their opponents but for those with an open mind and willing heart, horses come to our aid and stand beside us with offerings of loyalty, guidance, stamina and protection. They want to be heard. We need to listen.

We can learn and grow from their guidance. There is a great life-force within us all.  Attuning to the energy of an alternative life-form is, I believe, a way to honour the Creator and celebrate the diversity of Nature of which we are also part.  Horses, beautiful, powerful, characterful are, like us, also here for purpose.  Spirit can work through us both.

Healing from a distance ~ the wound is where the light can enter

Without a new harness, her wounds may never heal”

 This article is motivated by beautiful Hawi, an Ethopian work-horse needing medical assistance for her wounds caused by an ill-fitting harness. I don’t profess to be a horse whisperer but as I gazed at her weary image on a SPANA charity welfare circular on my desk she responded across the miles through the ether to my feelings of appreciation and concern for her.  For days I’d promised I would send a donation on her behalf.  I told her how beautiful she was and that I cared.  Now I realised she, Hawi, was still working hard at being a horse of service – through luminous moments of communication together she was distinctly informing me that we really can send and receive healing no matter where we are in the world and that through acts of giving and kindness we can harness love, respect and appreciation for each other.  I cherish this.

Horses are great empaths. There is an ancient bond between horse and human.  When we responsibly entrust ourselves to these sentient beings they can see through the windows of our souls into our emotions and physicality more than we may realise.  We become kindred spirits. Horses can help us heal and remember who we really are; so why not be inspired by what they wish as part of the animal kingdom to impart to us humans.

Worthy companions through time, I think horses have served us more than we have served them.  We can learn and grow from their enduring, generous, presence in so many ways.  But surely it’s not just a one way ride?  We need to acknowledge and give back to them the respect and kindness they rightly deserve.  If we empathetically allow ourselves to physically, emotionally and spiritually connect with them, the reciprocal rewards of companionship, understanding and healing can occur for both.  This wisdom changes things.  We can be attuned to each other’s soul-whispers to extend our potential for so much more.  This is their important message for everyone and especially for those who have the opportunity to associate with horses in any way.

“You speak to us gently and we respond. We hear your soft voice. Your requests come to us on waves of grace.  Speaking quietly you capture our attention.  We bring you blessings.  Our good will is palpable. Open your heart” [4].

Helping each other:  the Angelic realm reminds us of our inter-connectedness, the one-ness of all things – so why not begin the process of allowing/acknowledging that Spirit can work through us and other of the Creator’s creatures?

For the love of horses all over the world:  I am so grateful to beautiful, sensitive, Hawi for entrusting me to pass her significant message of intention on.  Today I hope a new sun will rise for her along with a new and better harness and that not just physical but emotional wounds can be healed if we work together for the highest good.

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Louise Exeter
Building closer relationships with the Angels

Heaven’s Way
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Image: Hawi Spana, Charity for working animals of the world


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