Making the Home of Your Heart an Amazing Place to Live

The Home of your heart – What’s Love got to do with it?  Well quite a lot really because we attract what we focus on. Thinking, feeling, speaking, relating: Love opens doors to abundance.

“A good home must be made not bought”(1)  There is a saying that no matter where we are, home is where the heart is’.  This implies a sense of location, personal space, definitely a belonging . . .When you walk through the front door of your home do you, give or take a little, get a sense of sanctuary and a reasonable feeling of ‘homeland’ or, with doormat trepidation as you turn the key, does your heart sink?

Call to action:

Where am I not at Home with myself? If it takes courage to cross the threshold with love not fear, it might be time to ask where within myself am I not at home? Love helps to heal fragile hearts and mend relationships; love disengages from judgement and nurtures forgiveness but If we close the doors of our hearts, shut up, shove off and throw away the key, who are we helping?  By listening to your vulnerable feelings – their reply will contain wisdom and inspiration to guide you(2)

Call to action:

Make space in your heart for relationships to grow:  As with clearing clutter in the home, you start with one drawer, one corner, one cupboard at a time.  So it is with mending relationships. For transformation, start with one emotional aspect that feels easier than others to address and rectify.

A powerhouse of help and healing: if you wish to release what’s not useful and heal what’s not beautiful in your relationships but are finding this hard to do, why not enlist the assistance of Archangels Michael and Raphael. Together they make a great team. Michael (Angel Name: ‘He Who is Like God’) and Raphael (Angel Name God Heals’) are Light warriors for love and healing. They will spring clean the corridors of your heart, lighten up and power up so you can re-connect to warm feelings of appreciation on many levels.

Fitting the emotional, physical and soulful aspects of our make-up is like feng-shui for the self!  There is a view that our homes are an extension of the self; that they mirror ‘where we’re at’ in daily life.  So, to feel happier, it’s important to put some love, care and attention in in order to get some of the same out! Matching the diverse pieces of our own personal jigsaw puzzle together to form the whole picture of who we really are isn’t always easy but when we change our perceptions about our home, our relationships, our life generally, we create a new space inside ourselves for abundance. Then beautiful resonance can be re-found for our thoughts, feelings and language – thereby bringing us in greater alignment with our heart centre.


Making the home of your heart a good investment. There is a lovely Louise L Hay affirmation that goes something like: may every corner of my home be filled with love’.  I recommend using this mantra regularly (i.e. every morning before you get up and each evening before sleep).  It helps raise the vibes over domestic stressors such as over-flowing linen baskets, piles of washing up, a bare fridge, toys all over the place and relationship tensions too.  Why? because love is bigger than dust and clutter.


Creating a heart based environment: when you bring love into your heart you also bring it into your home.
When you bless your home with love, when you send love into every corner, you’ll notice a change; not only in your home but in yourself too. (4)  Coincidentally, when we do this for our home we, in turn, do it for our relationships too. ‘We think, we act, we hurt, react” (5) Things can only get better when the heart pumps forgiveness, acceptance, love, joy, kindness, gratitude; when thoughts and emotions are balanced; ease and inner harmony are experienced. – then we really can discover that the home of our heart is an amazing place to live!

Louise Exeter
This is dedicated to the marvellous Louise L. Hay
© Spiritual Mindfulness Heaven’s Way February 2018


(1) Grand Designs TV Programme. (2) Doreen Virtue: Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards, (3) Kyle Gray: Angels How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels. (4) inspired by Louise L Hay:  Power Thought Cards. (5) Denise Hagan CD: For those who hear: Denise Hagan.