“The world is waiting for a child that will grow up and turn tears to laughter, hate to love, war to peace and everyone to everyone’s neighbour”. Peace, Love and Joy to the world – for the global family that we are all a part of.

Don’t lose the wonder

There’s something joyful and wondrous about Christmas, if you are a child. Why not take a moment to forget all the grown up stuff and remember!  Bring on the dressing up, wrapping up and excitement!  When my boys were small,   I loved the sense of calm togetherness that bedtime reading brought. I recall feeling somewhat like a mother hen with one son protectively tucked under each wing, sharing a beautifully illustrated book by Brian Wildsmith (which I still treasure) called ‘The Christmas Story’.  Any number of toy animals would join us as we gathered to read about the incredible journey, the great escape Mary and Joseph made, to find refuge in a stable (poor Mary!)

Make me smile

Mystical and magical!  A family on the run, guarded by angels, awesome signs in the sky, a tiny ‘Prince of Peace’ born in a humble stable, brought gifts by astronomers to honour the child ‘born to be king’. Of course there was and still is the ‘Nativity Show’ in schools and churches all around the country – with proud parents Facebooking their ‘little angels’, shepherds, donkeys, wise men, Mary and Joseph as they all majestically parade around the stage in fancy dress towards the holy crib – if Jesus is looking down on this I think he would smile (and appreciate all the hard work that goes into such events) because he loved and asked us to cherish children.

Channelling your inner child.

When you channel your inner child, the sky’s the limit! Why because it re-connects to that innocent sense of wonder, of finding magic in simple things, Think how it would feel if you could walk in the air, float in the moonlit sky with a snowman to a distant land of wishful experiences or if the Christmas fairy flew down from the top of the tree sprinkling magical star dust!  No responsibilities! Escapism can be enormous fun. Ah well!

Dreams and angels aren’t only for Christmas!

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”: The snow has to be falling, the garden covered in a blanket of white, an open fire blazing, kids making snow angels. Alternatively, if you live in warmer climbs, perhaps Angels in the sand instead! If you can suspend any scepticism and hang on to your child-like sense of belief, it can be comforting to know there aren’t only ‘snow angels’ or ‘sand angels’ but real Angels, right here, right now! The Angels didn’t just come once, long ago, to announce the joyful birth of baby Jesus and then disappear. No! They’re still actively working in the world, to shine the light of the

Christmas message for Peace and Joy to the world – for the global family that we are all a part, whatever our faith or culture.

Call to action

Bring me a higher love!  When you look up at the stars, know that you are loved by a higher power.

Are you following your own bright star?  Finding peace in the home of our hearts isn’t always easy, especially at this razzle, dazzle, frazzle time of year – but when we do, it makes way for fresh discoveries of ‘everyday miracles’.  Then the ‘ripple effect’ of peaceful relationships starts! Of course the Christmas ripple effect was initiated over 2,000 years ago with the birth of the Christ-child.

A star is born: like the luminous star the wise men followed, Jesus shone brightly in his own brief life. The Magi brought symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh; Jesus brought gifts of unconditional love and forgiveness which the angels heralded and we celebrate through joyful music  and present giving.

Reach for the Stars!  As this year draws to a close do take a few calming moments to reflect on everything you have worked through, the goals and accomplishments – little or large – that you have achieved.

Wish upon a star

Make a wish for peace in the world – ask the angels to carry this message on the wings of love. Give Jesus, a present of your own –  love one another and the beautiful planet we all share.

Wishing you a peaceful and Happy Christmas

Louise Exeter © December 2017

References: Musical Quotes: Johnny Mathis: ‘When a Child is Born’, Bing Crosby: ‘White Christmas’, Abba: ‘I had a dream’.