Yoga for the Soul

“Transformation can’t stop with the body . . .  it must involve the soul.” [1]

Think of the bliss of a personal space to move your body, thoughts and feelings comfortably, with ease and flow.  Knowing that when you get in alignment with yourself, you move in greater alignment with the Universe too.

What an exciting journey you can have. Releasing what no longer serves you whether in your home or yourself creates the opportunity for freedom and joy to enter. When you look after either one, you look after the other. It can be a rewarding, synergistic, process.

You are your sacred space.                                                                                       

You are the dwelling place of your soul. We are three dimensional beings (or more) made of mind, body, soul. Each of these is a kindred energetic aspect of who you are that will benefit from your time and TLC.  Self-caring maintains their vibrations in mutual harmony and creates a personal sense of space for your holistic self to yawn, breath and stretch    . . . this leads me to thoughts of yoga and Angels.

Working with Angels is like yoga for the soul.

Yoga is dynamic and so are we.  As with any exercise, the more regularly it’s done, the greater the benefit. Ditto ref working with the Angelic team.  Spiritual practice helps us stretch our thoughts, feelings and actions in new directions for the highest good and increased well BE-ing.

Angels, Guardians and Guides are not only spiritual coaches, they are life coaches too.

They over-light our way for clarity of purpose, hold the space for us with non-judgment, compassion and understanding, help us repair what needs fixing and identify what’s best to focus on and better to release. They help us get heart focused. They know our heart speaks for our soul: “The activity of the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health” [2]

Breathe calm, my darlings

Exercising our thoughts with ease and grace comes from a stillness through which we access inner wisdom and loving spiritual guidance.  When things get too much, deep breathing moves us through stress to calm, gets us grounded. Synchronizing breath with meditation creates a personal space of tranquility so we can listen and receive. Vibrating at a higher frequency, the Angelic realm broadcasts love, healing and positivity to the world. Through this we come to realize our potential and make room for inner peace which is a great blessing.

Think of Angels and Guides as personal trainers – your Spiritual Yoga Instructors.  

Your body is the home of your soul. Your heart is the mind of the soul. It’s good to honour both. When you nourish yourself, you nourish your soul and your life at the same time. Remember there’s an angel or guide to support you every step of the way.  When you work together  “You can discover a new level of mental clarity and focus, creativity and energy” [3]

Bring me a higher love. Love touches my soul and yours.                                         

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Louise Exeter

Copyright Heavens Way December 2021


[1] Chi-Ki Wellbeing newsletter referring to Deepak Chopra

[2], [3] Dr. Tim Ridge, retired GP writing about Heart Coherence.