Archangel Michael Meditation

We all need support in achieving our dreams and making choices our future self will be thankful for. Inviting the Angels into our every-day lives becomes a transformational journey into fulfilment as we Learn More, Love More, Trust More and Fear Less through their compassionate and empowering insights and perceptions.

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I hope you enjoy this meditation and return to it time and again to ramp up your Archangel Michael connection. Archangel Michael helps us step out of self-limiting beliefs into our power; busting blocks along the way so we can grow in courage and confidence as we step out of our fears into our exciting true potential. Angel Intuitive Card Readings are a great way to maintain dialogue but if you want to amplify your conversation and engage at a deeper level with these Divine Beings you might like to attend my Graceful Soul 1-2-1 sessions and various Power Up with the Archangels’ Workshops. I will keep you informed via my Newsletters but do please visit my website from time to time for updates. Angels: created by Love – with Love – from Love – for Love – for each other.

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INTRODUCTION: Use the audio player to play the introduction:

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MEDITATION: Use the audio player to play the meditation:

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References: This Archangel Michael inspired meditation includes a reference by Sara Childre from the Heart Math Institute. Above quotation: Mary Baker Eddy. Archangel Michael image: Kyle Gray ‘Angel Prayers’ Oracle Cards. I am registered as a Certified Practitioner and Card Reader on Kyle Gray’s official website.

Let Divine Wisdom Guide you and Love redefine you.
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