My Archangel Story

Coming Home with Archangel Michael

‘Almost Heaven’: Have you ever been to a place that’s so beautiful it takes your breath away? More than that, you experience a depth of connection you’ve not felt anywhere else before. A resonance that touches the depth of your being like warm penetrating rays of sunshine; so much so that you want to bottle the bright shining feeling, keep it forever and like a luxury ‘happiness’ spray; open it on grey days and times of need to let joy come, exuberantly, effervescing out? Well this feeling is part of my ‘Coming Home with Archangel Michael’ story.

I believe in a power that’s higher, brighter and bigger than us. This is pure, unconditional Love, often referred to as God, The Creator, The Great Spirit, or The Divine. This presence – also known as ‘The Universe’ – is a vast, limitless and expansive force for good. Fortunately for us, it comes with emissaries: a bright-shining, high vibrational task force, known across various cultures as ‘Angels’.

“In every space that seems empty there stands an Angel smiling in your direction with love in their Heart.”

Like global ‘Heaven Sent’ despatch riders, the the Angelic realm brings inspirational gifts from this Divine Source to heal, energize, mend and lift our spirits. There are no social barriers, no religious boundaries, just an infinite supply of abundant love for everyone.

Don’t fear your own potential – find it! The Angels want us to feel uplifted, loved, valued and cared for. Archangel Michael also wants us to feel empowered through these qualities:- he helps us relinquish small thoughts about ourselves so we can recalibrate our vibration for confident change. He is a famous Angel, known by many as a magnificent ‘Light Warrior’. He keeps the flame of truth burning bright for courage, protection, discernment and release. You need to think big with this Archangel! The clue is in the Hebrew name: ‘He Who is Like God’. Perhaps that’s why my vibrant Archangel Michael encounter took place in such a dramatically beautiful and spacious country!

The Big Country: Canada is a spectacular land of high mountains, deep lakes, long rivers and numerous trees. There is a palpable power in the landscape: ‘Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains growing like a breeze’. Looking back, I see now how utterly fitting, how synonymous a location it was for a larger than life Archangel experience.

Land girl: I can only describe my experience as a super-charged, Heaven-Earth connection, so compelling that I had to lie down on the grass to capture the rapture; to physically engage with the resonance of the land and the plants growing there – to feel at one with the landscape.

Raising the vibrations: I recall a wonderful sense of innate ‘knowing’ embracing my entire being, an intense, tingling, happiness-vibration running completely through me because I had ‘arrived’. There was also a deep sense of celebration and belonging; an explicable thought-feeling decisively saying: ‘this is my place in the world, this is my home’. As an English woman abroad, such a location association wasn’t logical to me there and then but ‘the message’ was so strong, so vibrant I just accepted it and basked in the sensation!

I subsequently discovered that my extraordinary experience was more than ‘Sweet Divine Whisperings’ it was a Secret of the Universe revelation: the wonder of Archangel Michael speaking loud and clear to me in a down to earth way that I could relate to. (A reminder that grounding is so important when working with the Archangels). A big statement I know from a Brit holidaying in Canada, passing through Lake Louise (my name-sake!) and Banff on a day trip. At the time, however, I didn’t appreciate the significance of this awesome fact. It was only months later that I had my Divine Ah ha moment when, quite serendipitously, I randomly discovered that this Canadian ‘territory’ is the Spiritual Home, the Ashram of Archangel Michael. Wow!

It’s all cosmic! I was also to learn that each Archangel has a special planetary location, a spiritual compass point on earth where their immensely powerful energy strongly reverberates. For cynics, I myself was originally sceptical about such a notion but now, I know differently! I guess this is why throughout time, certain places become ‘sacred’ centres for inspiration, pilgrimage, prayer and healing.

There is a saying that ‘Home is where the Heart is’. Angels help us navigate the geography of our souls so you can rest reassured that you don’t have to go to Canada to connect with Archangel Michael! As Divine messengers of ‘The Great Spirit’ (to use a Canadian First Nation term) Angels are present universally, everywhere, for everyone.

I think of ourselves as ‘The Middling Sort’; positioned between the power of Heaven and bounty of Earth. (What a super place to be!). In this context, I believe my Archangel Michael ‘Land Girl’ experience in Banff was more than a gift, it was a lesson too! A resounding confirmation that joy re-sets our heart’s vibration and opens doors to abundance.

Archangel Michael comes from Source with enormous radiance to help us shine in life. He will give your heart wings to be bolder, fly higher, move on. The question to ask yourself is: ‘Have I got what it takes to carry the weight of this concept or pass it by?’ If in doubt perhaps this poem by Guillaume Apollinaire will help you decide.

“Come to the edge he said.
We can’t, we’re afraid they responded.
Come to the edge he said. We can’t.
We will fall they responded.
Come to the edge he said.
And so they came and he pushed them and they flew.”

Working with Angels will give your heart wings. Working with Archangel Michael and his team of Angels will help you fly. All we have to do is believe and ask. I am here to assist you in the process.

Wishing you ‘Happy trails’ with Angels.


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Copyright Louise Exeter 2019
References: ‘In every space’ quote Kyle Gray. Musical Inspirations: Denise Hagan ‘For Those
Who Hear’ John Denver: ‘Country Roads’. Tasmin Archer: ‘Sleeping Satellite’
Archangel Michael image from  The Guardian Angel Oracle by Chrissie Astell, Watkins Publishing.

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