Power up with the Angels! ‘The energy, the soul, the spirit that you
infuse into your actions matters’

From my experience, I’ve found that Heaven likes us to dream big towards the joyful potential of who we really are. The aim of my workshops and card reading is to assist you on your journey with a mixture of empathy, compassion and fun so you can reconnect to your inner beauty and smile with the world.

Be inspired

Angel Intuitive Card Readings

Card Reading is about getting focus and clarity on current issues, where you’ve come from, what you’re facing now and how best to move forward. Like a Divine Compass, working with light and love from above for very practical and personal choices.  This is not fortune telling nor mediumship but angel intuitive work that helps you mine for good and shine your light on the situation.
Appointments: 1.5 hrs. Price: £60.00. Venue: North London.
(I suggest booking at least 2-3 weeks in advance) Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

Make it Happen

Home of Your Heart Workshops

Get intentional. Get attitude. Get Connected.  Are you ready to ignite the process of change? Together with Archangel Michael (‘He Who is like God’) and his team of angels these workshops help you stand in your own truth, go forward with confidence and shine bright. This powerful Archangel’s no-nonsense strong love and practicality acts as a guiding light but also as a healing bridge of strength to overcome personal challenges and create new opportunities.

Out with the old, in with the new starts with you.  If you wish to cut through to break through, acknowledge what needs releasing, get clarity of purpose, gain confidence about the road ahead,
be more in the strengthening energy of now, rekindle your relationships and rediscover your joy my workshops are for you!

Release to achieve:  November 2017.   Repeated Jan & Feb 2018
Forgiveness is key:  March 2018.  Repeated May and June 2018
Beauty within and without:  July 2018. Repeated September & October 2018
Timing: 10.30am – 3.00pm.  Price: £120.00 p/w.  Venue: North London.

Make the Home of your Heart an amazing place to be! Get inspired! Come with a friend or partner to share the fun, connect with the Angels and make way for positive change in your life.  At the moment dates are by arrangements but specific days for 2018 will be announced.  To book please contact me.

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