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Angel Intuitive Card Readings

“Your angels are standing by at all times with love, support and guidance and through the cards you will unlock a connection that will support you the rest of your life”

GOOD TOGETHER! Life if full of choices! What will you choose that your future self will be thankful for?

Do you see change as threatening or a golden opportunity? Do you need focus and clarity on current issues, assistance assessing where you’ve come from and how best to move forward, releasing the past or believing in better? Have you considered card readings? Work with Angels! Angels are with us every step of the way. Angels They want help us to unlock the doors of our hearts with light and love for empowering down to earth practical choices that will enhance our soul’s journey. .  Working with light and love from above, Angel intuitive card readings offer practical, down to earth guidance.  Angel Card reading This is not fortune telling nor medium-ship, but more like a ‘Divine Compass’ to help you be a bolder, fly higher and positively move on with your life.

Book an Angel Card reading with me!
Weekdays and /or evenings North London.  1.5hrs  £60.00
Half hour ‘Taster’ readings also available £40.00

If you’re unsure but want to find out what it’s all about why not book my  ‘Conversations with Angels’ Card Reading Workshop – see below.

‘Conversations with Angels’ Mini Workshops:

“We are here for you and you are here for us” (My Guardians)

Bring the Friendship of the Angels into your everyday life.

Are you ready to connect with your Angels? Are you ready to bring them into your everyday life?  Angels are our spiritual navigators. They are a Divine Compass for life issues but also for empowering our Soul’s unfolding journey to happiness.  Angel Card Reading can be the first step in becoming acquainted with Angel guidance and building a life-long, loving relationship with them that helps you flourish and shine.  These Card Reading workshops are fun, light-hearted– more like sharing a master class together. Working with Angels helps you get aligned with your purpose; find your own voice in your own life and enjoy!  Are you ready for the conversation?

Dates: 1st July 2019 & 23rd November 2019

Location: North London.  Time: 2.30-4.30pm  Price: £45.00.

These workshops can also be arranged as an evening event by agreement.