Terms and Conditions

Welcome to my website.
Please note these terms apply to your use of my websites Heaven’s Way® and Reflexology Plus™ (the Meridian Way) and all sites and services owned and hosted by me, Louise Exeter. Please also refer to my Privacy Policy as part of these Terms.

Options: cash/bank transfer/cheque/Paypal are acceptable payment methods – to be agreed in advance with me, based on the service/event being booked.
Discounts appertaining to selective therapies/services on a ‘pay in advance’ block bookings basis are sometimes available as a ‘series’ discount. Occasionally, special promotional offers will provided. Deposits: some of my events and services will require an ‘in advance’ deposit e.g. Angel Intuitive Card Readings and Workshops – to be arranged at time of booking. Receipts are always provided. NB. Paypal attracts a transaction charge, which will be included on your invoice.

A cancellation policy:-
Sliding scale ref Individual client sessions:
(a) A full day’s (24 hrs) notice would be appreciated (No cancellation fee).
(b) Short/late notice the day before an appointment will incur a charge of 50%.
(c) Cancellation or failure to notify on day of appointment will incur full fee.

Individual Events: special events such as public talks, demonstrations and trainings will have individual pricing structures and terms, depending on style, content and duration.  Deposits and cancellation terms will apply.
In writing: failure to provide written cancellation (email or text) will result in a full payment charge.

Arrival & Departure:  
I would be grateful if clients could please be sensitive to arrival and departure times as lateness both ways impacts on the therapist, her day and follow-on bookings. Late arrival could also result in reduced appointment time.

Personal Responsibility 
My work is geared to general wellbeing, wellness and positivity for empowerment and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please, therefore, do not disregard any specialist professional advice you may have received for medical conditions, treatment regimes, psychotherapy / counselling practice or your wider social and economic needs because of information presented byHeaven’s Way® Reflexology Plus® or content.

Visitors and customers undertaking suggestions, tips or advice featured on Heaven’s Way® and Reflexology Plus™ do so at their own discretion and need to be aware that they do so at their own risk and take full responsibility and/or liability accordingly for their personal choice.

Also please note that visitors need to take their own internet anti-virus measures as we cannot accept responsibility for any infection by virus, nor for hacking or theft.

Consent to use:
Accessing Heaven’s Way® and Reflexology Plus™ websites and services demonstrates that you are in agreement with the Conditions of Use as outlined so please ensure you have fully read and understood these Terms and Conditions.

Change of Terms:
Please be aware that each visit you make to either website will be subject to the current terms as published and that they may be modified from time to time without notice to you.

Please respect my work and copyright:
I ask that you please respect my website’s content and copyright – ref images, wording, blogs and posts, plus any other information that I may share through various media sources e.g Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in etc.  If there is something that you wish to copy, share or utilise then please do contact me to discuss.

Louise Exeter                                                                                                  May 2018