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Friendship of Angels.

Learn More. Love More. Trust More. Fear Less.
Power up with the Archangels Make it Happen Workshops

What would you like to change? What size are your dreams?  I’ve found Heaven likes us to dream big towards the joyful potential of who we really are.  Archangel Michael leads the way in these motivational workshops, bringing fresh energy and focus to amp up your intentions and give your heart wings!  Become inspired by different ‘Angels of Purpose’ Each season we’ll be working with specific Archangels on different ‘Soul Goal’ themes to connect with your inner-most feelings, ignite the process of positive change, step out from limiting self-beliefs and procrastination into a journey of heart centred motivations and joyful fulfilment. Workshops will include meditations, card readings, your own vision boards and more.  So what are you waiting for? Don’t fear your potential. Find it! ‘The energy, the soul, the spirit that you infuse into your actions matters’! Come with a friend or partner.  Share the fun and connect with these delightful Divine beings.

Workshop Programme 2020

Simply Divine! All the Workshops focus on building a series of bright and beautiful acquaintanceships with individually illuminating and transformative Archangel energies as we progress through the year. Please contact me if you need more information.

Worried About Coronavirus?

Many people are rightly worry about the current outbreak of coronavirus spreading across the UK. Among other worries people have been asking whether it is safe to attend workshops and spiritual gatherings. Official government advice is that it is still safe to travel and gather in small groups providing we are all mindful of hygiene and safety. My workshops are conducted in my home in North London. Public transport is an option (nearest tube is Arnos Grove) but you can also drive and park outside. My groups are small – no more than 10 people – and we will be taking every available precaution to avoid unnecessary contact, as well as calling on Archangel Michael for protection. Overcoming fear is one of the driving forces for change so I would encourage you to reflect if you are worried about joining us. You will be warmly welcomed into a safe and sacred space. And if government advice changes you’ll be entitled to a full refund. I hope you’ll join us for this workshop.

Change & Transition
Power Up With The Archangels Workshop

“Change can happen in a heart-beat”.
“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path”

* Change and Transition. Opportunity or Challenge?
* Do you believe change is possible?
* Finding the hidden blessings.
* Releasing to achieve.
* Navigating Transition with Grace.
* Moving forward with Courage
* Only dreams give birth to change

Step into and out of change with Archangels Michael and Azrael.
Quotes: Denise Linn & Glaminati Pintrest

Date: 28.03.20
Time: 11.00am – 3.00pm
Price: £85.00
Venue: North London N14

Follow Your Passion. Find Your Purpose.
Power Up With The Archangels Workshop

“We are the hero of our own story.”
“We don’t become authentic playing small, by hiding or denying our best selves.”

* There are many pathways to purpose.
* When you follow your passion your purpose will arrive
* When you clear your fear, your purpose will find you!
* When you see yourselves through the eyes of an angel you make way
for miracles!
* Be the dreamer of your dream.
* Believe in the power of possibility!

Give your heart wings and your purpose will fly with Archangels Michael & Chamuel
Quotes: Sarah Ban Breathnach Simple Abundance Companion

Date: 30.05.20
Time: 11.00am – 3.00pm
Price: £85.00
Venue: North London N14

Change & Transition
Archangel Workshop

Follow Your Passion. Find Your Purpose.
Archangel Workshop

If you would prefer to pay by cheque, bank transfer or cash, please email Louise ( and she will send full details.

Mini Workshops – are you ready to start the conversation?

It’s on the cards! If you would like to find out more about working with the Angels but feel a little unsure about a full workshop at this stage – why not try my Card Reading Mini WorkshopsAngels. With us every step of the way!


“I found Louise Exeter’s workshop powerful, uplifting and a truly enjoyable experience. Thank you Louise.” – Donna

“I found the workshop amazing. I’d had a bad week leading up to the workshop and felt very negative and low when I arrived, by the time I left I felt uplifted, calm and hopeful.  I have already recommended the workshop to other friends . . . there is something very special about group work.” – Catherine

Let Divine Wisdom Guide you and Love redefine you.
Redirect your Intentions Heaven’s Way® with Louise Exeter

References: Quotations: Kyle Gray. Marie Forleo.