At Your Service – An Angel’s Focus

HAVE YOU EVER, like me, felt the need to be wrapped in the soft and comforting glow of your GUARDIAN ANGEL’S love or ignited by the power of Archangel MICHAEL (He Who is like God) to amp up your sense of safety, courage and determination?  Or alternatively, enlisted the strengthening and healing help from Archangels GABRIEL (Strength of God) and RAPHAEL (God Heals) for family and friends during their hard times?

I SEE YOU:  Angels look at us through the empowering lens of love, encouraging us to see the good in everyone. I’ve looked to Archangel JOPHIEL (Beauty of God) to be reminded of my own sense of value, as well as the worth of others for building stronger, more loving relationships and my GUARDIANS have, when I was feeling blinkered, reminded me of the importance of appreciation: “EVERYTHING HAS ITS OWN KIND OF BEAUTY” they say.

WE CAN BE LIFTED: Such mindful prompting from the angelic realm sows holistic seeds of love and light into our perceptions.  Their compassionate insights bring clarity, their guidance extends our potential for so much more: more fun, creativity, harmony and healing to all areas of life.  This changes things.  The Angelic realm works hard on our personal behalf for sure. In return it’s so nice to acknowledge and thank them for their generous service.

“Divine abundance is my only reality and Divine abundance richly manifests for me.”

The spiritual realm has so much to give and they want to share in our joy too. They are our ‘first aid kit’, our ‘spiritual running buddies’ and companions of the heart – waiting to support and motivate us in any way they can.   They come with such bright lights of guidance and direction, reminding us of our inter-connectedness and to make the home of our heart an amazing place to live.

“Begin the process of allowing Spirit to work with you and link up to the field of intention.”

 LOVE MORE. FEAR LESS. Everyone is special to Source.  Life experiences have taught me that the FRIENDSHIP of ANGELS, GUARDIANS and GUIDES is standing by not just for me but for anyone, everyone, especially during times of need but also sharing in our success and happiness. They know we are bigger than we think we are. That our love and forgiveness can reach farther and wider than we believe. They are the power of love and this is their gift for us. All we have to do. Is believe and ask.

“We need ‘love expressed in faith and faith that works through love.”

For those of you feeling small, in anxiety overwhelm or swamped by circumstance. I am offering four,  free “Power Up The Home Of Your Heart Archangel Meditations” through my website. 

Louise Exeter

Copyright December 2022


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