Be The Dreamer Of Your Dreams

Be The Dreamer Of Your Dreams.

The Early bird catches the dream! Breakfasting early in the garden one morning I was accompanied by a cacophony of bird song: pigeons, robins, wrens, black birds, magpies, crows – all simultaneously cooing, chirping, whistling and chatting in stereo sound.  (their dawn chorus of day-breaking news more appealing to me than any T.V. or radio a.m. channel).

As their conversations floated upwards and outward between neighbouring gardens it made me think of Native American smoke signals rising Heavenward from high, secret places. So many different ‘languages’ and ‘conversations’ reaching a crescendo and then slowly dwindling to one or two persistent but entertaining callers.

Watch out there’s a magpie about: Two adolescent magpies, still wanting their parent’s attention, noisily flapped their wings in the shelter of our fir tree, reminding me of a childhood story about a cheeky magpie stealing a silver ring and adding it to its nest-hoard of treasures.

Inspired by thrushes stealing fruit from his kitchen garden, William Morris designed a beautiful floral-bird print called ‘The Strawberry Thief’. If you get the chance, I recommend a visit to his residence Kelmscott Manor in Oxfordshire: its creative contents are charmingly in love with nature and the house and garden will transport you to a therapeutically slower pace of life, if only for a day! Think cider, hey racks, shire horses. Their cream teas are delicious too.

They shall mount up with wings as Eagles . . .  Like migrating geese we can cross continents in jumbo jets, hover like humming birds in helicopters and glide like albatrosses on thermal currents if we are brave enough – think how beautiful it could be to soar above personal challenges, to look down on them from an empowering eagle perspective.


Why not take a moment to imagine; to go on your own special flight of fancy.
Ask yourself: Where would you go? What would you see? Will you float in a moonlit sky or soar in bright sunshine? When you land would you look at your situation differently?

Dream Catchers:  “Only dreams give birth to change” Like birds, our personal dreams can soar, duck and dive. But take heart! Think how ungainly some birds look when they’re running for take-off but how gracefully they fly once in the air > sometimes it’s like that with our dreams and ambitions too.  


Soul Purpose! Making way for miracles, healing, change, depends upon how we perceive the world, how we see ourselves and how we view others; however, self-sabotage can often block our personal aspirations. Archangel Michael helps us get out of our own way so we can realize our dreams. Archangel Chamuel helps us see the world through the lens of Love.  All Angels look at us from a higher perspective – they see our true potential.

Believe in the power of possibility: If you’d like to work with these amazing Archangels, I am repeating my ‘Fire Up your Passion Follow your Purpose’ Workshop on 12th October – this is not so much about career as your purpose; rather your Soul’s Purpose!

Happy Soaring

Louise Exeter
Copyright Heaven’s Way 2019

This blog is inspired by the birds in my garden.